Fabulous Curls With Stema Hair Brazilian Body Wave Hair Update

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Brand name: Stema hair(official)company
brazilian body wave 22″ 24″ 26″
body wave frontal 18″
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Affordable Hair For Back To School 2015 : MS LULA HAIR

HEY GUYYYSSSS!!! Today I have a wonderful ms lu hair review as well as a first impression for you guys from one of the best inexpensive vendors in the game. MS LULA HAIR this Is the Peruvian loose body wave hair for the year of 2015 although I did have the Brazilian loose body wave previous to this. I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Deep Condition Natural Hair Step By Step

If you have chosen to do deep conditioning at home personally, then the first thing you have to do is to learn the perfect way of deep conditioning. This step-by-step guide will let you know how to deep condition natural brazilian deep wave hair perfectly at home. Do it the following way and get the salon quality outcome.

Rinse your hair with a shampoo best suited for the type and texture of your hair. Squeeze out excess water after washing hair.


Dab deep conditioner to all of your hair, ensuring not even a single strand is left unsaturated. Massage the conditioner into your locks from root to the tip. Pay additional attention to the edges of the hair. Or, sprint a wide-toothed comb all the way through your hair to evenly distribute the conditioner to the hair.

Wrap a plastic cap over your hair tucking in all the strands and let the conditioner fully penetrate your hair for enough time, the required time is usually mentioned in the instructions on the wrapping of the deep conditioner.

For getting better results of deep conditioning treatment, application of steam or heat is must, especially if your locks are severely damaged. You can apply heat directly on your conditioned hair with the help of blow dryer. If you don’t want to use blow dryer or it’s not readily available, enfold a towel on the top of the plastic cap.

Later, wash your hair with tepid water. Do final rinse using cold water; it will lock the hair cuticles and prop up shine.

Dry off your hair with a soft towel and then after style your hair as regular. don’t rub the hair vigorously to dry.


Stema Hair Company, supplier of 100% virgin hair.I buy the virgin brazilian hair,Just installed the hair after co-wash, bleach and dye. Took really well to the color and feels really soft with minimal shedding. Would highly recommend thank you.

what hair extension can make our hair to be the most changeful

More and more businesses are developed by only hair in all over the world. It’s really true that hair matters much with people’s images; different faces fit different hair styles, like the lengths, colors or its waves. It’s really a great learning about hair beauty. You know, if people don’t satisfy with their hairs in the morning, like it is dirty or messing, they even don’t want to leave home to go out. So, we don’t need to say too much important about hair, it is so already.

But we all know, good quality virgtin hair may make one healthier, I mean, look like they have a good spirit every day, but inverse, dried hairs will make people looks pale. So, people sometimes don’t want to color, Flat Iron, curl or even wash hair outside, doing these sometimes definitely will damage hairs. But if not changing or caring hair good, our images are will be a dust unchanged and boring.

So, what can keep our hairs not damaged but make our hair to be the most changeful? I recommend you using wigs or virgin hair extensions. When you going out, if you don’t satisfy with your hair, you can just put one wig, if hanging out the wigs store, you will find there are really all of styles of wigs can be found. Whatever styles or colors of hair you wanted, you can find them in local beauty store or website store. So, you can see many different yourself every day, it sounds really cool, right? They are really suitable not only for women but men. Yes, man is also one kind of big customers in this industry, especially some fashion men, actors, and old men. They change or decorate themselves by wigs.

Beside the wigs, I mainly recommend you using virgin hair bundles, from its name you can know, they are really virgin; and directly from human hairs from different countries which is suitable for different countries’ people, unprocessed at all. Really with best quality, no smell, no shedding, no tangled & double strong machine weft flat iron, wash and dry, curl available. With them, you don’t need to change your hair anymore. Just choose one style of virgin hair extensions you wanted, they will reach to the result you desired. There are several of styles, like Body Wavy, Kinky Curly, Natural Wave, Weft Loose Wavy and Straight for your wide choice. With markets’ large demand; there are more and more stores which sells the hairs extensions. It’s really common or convenience to buy different styles of virgin hair extension for your usual life to make your life more interesting. Just think, you and your friends meeting with each other with different images, it is really amazing.

Of course, more demand mean more competitions. So, it’s not easy to buy a good virgin hair extension or wigs. Some fake hair or man-made hairs are also in the market. Pls be careful to distinguish the hair when wanting to buy one. Or choose the good review store when buying yours online, ok? To be beauty also need to pay, so good luck, my friends!

Ms lula is online offer virgin human hair shop.It top grade 100% virgin human hair brand,their products include virgin brazilian hair,virgin indian hair ,virgin malaysian hair,virgin peruvian hair.You can buy the 3-4 bundles virgin hair weave on their website: www.mslula.com .

It so cheep ,the price usually $120 – $200 .

Ms Lula Virgin Peruvian Hair Body Wave Review

Virgin Peruvian Hair
Vender: Ms. Lula

Lengths: 16, 18, 20
Peruvian Body Wave

Ms Lula’s brazilian hair (Detailed) Review

My review of Ms Lula’s virgin Brazilian hair. I purchased this with MY OWN money! I was not paid to do this review. I am just trying to be helpful for others who may want to purchase from this seller.!

stema hair brazilian body wave hair review

Hey guys, this is my review on my stema brazilian hair purchase. I have
installed all bundles in 12,14 and 16 inches.
The hair has been dyed,the intial colour of the hair is black.

Brand Name: Stema Hair

Wave Style: Body Wave

Net Weight:98-102g x 3

Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair Weave

Top Grade:
1. Virgin Cuticle aligned unprocessed brazilian hair, cut from one donor.
2. Double weft sealing, no shedding.
3. No lice, minimum gray hair (Will pick out before packing).
4. Could be dyed or bleached very beautiful.

How Long You Have Been Natural Does Not Dictate How Much You Know

It is possible that one may know all there is to know about retaining maximum length but remain clueless about how best to define curls. Conversely one could know a great deal about braiding natural hair but know next to nothing about maintaining dreadlocks.

As usual social media, namely Facebook, where all raw emotions collide has brought to light a sector of long term naturals some whom have never had a relaxer expressing concerns that new naturals should not be taking advice from other considerably new naturals who blog and vlog and give advice about transitioning to natural hair, natural hair health and hair care.Stema Hair is 100% natural virgin human hair, their products include brazilian hair,indian hair,peruvian hair and malaysian hair.

In a way it makes complete sense right? You transitioned from your relaxer in 2008 but here is someone else who has had her natural hair her whole life. What makes you the go-to expert?

While there might some long term naturals who are fully capable of giving expert advice there are also some fairly new ones that can do a similar or even better job.

Hair care isn’t some kind of exclusive knowledge club that only certain members are a part of. Provided one is interested enough anyone can have the knowledge. You just need to have the desire to get it, use it and have some results to show for it.

Some bloggers and vloggers have chosen to dedicate a certain number of hours to studying natural hair, for many reasons; ranging from a traumatic experience with a relaxer or personal choice, to seeing it as a great business opportunity.

Whatever the reason for expertise is solely dependent on study, gaining knowledge, practice and results. Learning about your hair is truly your own right and your own responsibility.

The human body is so resilient that if you are breathing then your hair will still grow, retaining the length on the other hand is the problem for many ladies.

With that said even if you never had a relaxer there is no guarantee that your natural hair is healthy if you have no knowledge of how to take care of it. Being natural alone does not guarantee hair health.

If you are a new natural with the need for advice and guidance choosing the right person to seek advice from can be daunting and if you are not careful it can get frustrating.

The first thing you need to do is gain as much knowledge about your situation on your own. This might mean reading as much material as you can find from multiple sources as well as asking for second opinions after first ones.

The cool thing about hair care is that there is always more than one way to skin a cat so for instance what one person might tell you about her hair care regimen might not be the best thing for you, but parts if it might just be relevant and help you in some way.
If you are a long term natural but you have not captured your hair’s full potential, it is not too late to gain knowledge about what you need to do to get the most out of your natural hair.

[caption id="attachment_143" align="alignnone" width="300"]Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair[/caption]

Again the same rules apply, learning about how to care for your hair is your responsibility and quite frankly no one method is the best method so gaining as much knowledge as possible about your own personal situation is key.

Here on BHI we find it hard to separate hair care and hair health from science. The thing is, how your hair behaves is deep rooted in biological science so if you are hearing about hair care for the first time and there is no mention of a logical scientific base then something is clearly missing and you might want to keep looking at other sources.

On the other hand science alone cannot possibly tell you everything you need to know about your hair and the ins and outs of daily care.
Additionally, products do not create hair growth; we can’t tell you how many times we have heard ‘What product can I use to get my hair to grow’ the answer is nothing!

Products simple aid in length retention by keeping the hair strands intact and resilient to environment effects and your own manipulation. With that said, if you see an oil that boasts of causing growth, then take the claim with a pinch of salt. Your hair is growing anyway and the oil is unlikely to help you retain length if you don’t change you practices too.

The point I am trying to drive home is that how much you know is entirely dependent on how much time you spend on gaining that knowledge. You cannot become a subject matter expert on anything if you just sit and stare at it for years and years.

You have to figure out how it works to get results in order to be able to speak confidently on what it is that you know and have practiced.

Your own hair care is your responsibility and if someone has taken the necessary steps to seek out knowledge from what they think is a viable source then we have to support them rather than shoot them down for it.

virgin brazilian natural wave hair weave from ms lula

[caption id="attachment_139" align="alignnone" width="300"]virgin brazilian natural wave hair weave virgin brazilian natural wave hair weave[/caption]

Brand Name:Ms Lula

Wave Style:Natural Wave

Net Weight:98-102g

Human Hair Type:Virgin Brazilian Hair

Top Grade:
1. Virgin Cuticle aligned unprocessed brazilian hair, cut from one donor
2. Double weft sealing, no shedding.
3. No lice, minimum gray hair (Will pick out before packing)
4. Could be dyed or bleached very beautiful